What is Outsourcing All About?

13th October 2017

Most large companies have the resources and capability to handle all their HR functions in house, but for many smaller businesses, the broad nature of human resource functions is too complex to maintain in the same way and this is where outsourcing is really beneficial

What Does It Cover?

Well that depends on the outsource provider you are working with, but everything from day to day personnel administration such as starters, leavers, contracts and policies through to complex employee relations issues, strategic change management and beyond.

Here at Purple HR we provide everything you could possibly need from a first-class HR team.  Coming from a background of working at board level in a FTSE 250 business, we bring a wealth of hands-on practical knowledge and experience that enables us to help SME businesses tackle whatever people challenges land at their door.

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing HR?


Save ££   Efficiency
Outsourcing can help your business cut its operational costs by up to half. By outsourcing a noncore function, a business avoids all the headaches associated with recruiting and hiring staff in these areas.   Often, achieving efficiency calls for a scale of operation that’s neither required or justifiable from a business owners point of view. Outsourcing allows you to tap into a poole of efficient operations at a reasonable cost.
Focus on profit   Consistency
Outsourcing allows you to be able to cater to the new and challenging demands of your customers and free up cash flow.


  Avoid the ups and downs that come with covering holiday, sickness and maternity cover. By outsourcing you never have to worry about cover or having to start over again when staff leave.
Expertise   Save time
Outsourcing partners allow you to access specific, technical expertise at a far higher level than you have in the business, so the job can be completed faster and with a better quality output.   Time – probably your most precious commodity and always in short supply! Making the decision to outsource will give you back a huge chunk of time to spend on your business.

Can You Afford It?

Outsourcing really doesn’t cost a fortune – it saves you money and time and keeps you safe!

Quite often in small businesses, HR gets lumped into someone else’s job – who usually has little or no knowledge of the legal aspects of employment, which brings to mind the phrase, ‘a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!!’ 

For those SMEs who do decide to take on someone to look after HR, the chances are that they will be fairly inexperienced and ill-equipped to deal with the really tough people issues that crop up in every business on a fairly regular basis.  By outsourcing, you are buying into the whole range of expertise at the highest level for less than the cost of an Administrator.   You will always have the peace of mind to know you have all bases covered, whatever situation arises and even better, you haven’t had to take on the headcount, cover sickness and holidays or any other associated cost that comes with employing someone.

If this all sounds like a no–brainer for your business, then why not give us a call, we’d love to be your HR partner.














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