What the Future Holds for HR

4th December 2016

Like it or not, the modern workplace is evolving at an unstoppable rate. Considering the leaps that technology alone has made during our own working lives it’s interesting to think what the workplace could look like in 20 years’ time. Taking a look into the future, we would like to highlight three trends which we believe will be growing in importance as the years go by.

Cutting Edge Tech

Set to have a greater presence in the workplace, artificial intelligence (AI) will radically alter the way we live and work. Moving away from the Hollywood vision, it will be AI programmes, data analytics, robotics and virtual reality that will bring exciting business opportunities. From a HR perspective, it will enable workers to improve their day to day performance, embrace more flexible working styles and learn new skills with greater efficiency. Staying ahead of the game, we believe that businesses which harness future technology will have a greater ability to attract fresh talent and drive innovation.

A Need to Balance the Old and the New

We want managers and business leaders to be aware that alongside the employment of fresh recruits, more people will be pushing back their retirement. In the future, it is easy to imagine a situation where ages in the workplace range from 18 to 70. This has huge implications for employers in terms of managing different needs and expectations. For example, young employees will prefer to learn using up-to-date computer-based training, whilst older employees will prefer traditional paper-based process. Businesses which meet these requirements will be able to retain the knowledge and experience of older workers whilst also encouraging new, innovative ideas from enthusiastic young workers.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Rising up the agenda, employee health and wellbeing will grow in importance. This trend follows increasing evidence which shows that staff productivity can rise by an average of 13% in businesses which introduce wellbeing strategies. By encouraging fitness and healthy eating, companies can reduce sickness, absence and improve overall employee retention. As a result, at Purple HR we expect the development of wellness programmes to come as a HR necessity in the same way employment contracts and pension plans do today.

Mandy Fitzmaurice, Managing Director of Purple HR has said:

“It is fascinating to think about all the rapid workplace changes that business may see in the next few decades. Staying at the forefront of this change will be increasingly important towards sustaining a productive, competitive and innovative workforce. We will be keeping an eye on new trends as they emerge, offering the best HR advice and guidance to clients seeking to fully embrace the future.’’

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