Pay As You Go HR

We understand that some companies only need to call us now and again and this option offers maximum flexibility, whilst still having the comfort of knowing we are here when you need us. This option is simply billed monthly in arrears (new clients are asked for an initial up front deposit to draw down against).

Includes things like:

  • Document drafting
  • Handbook design and drafting
  • Disciplinary, Grievance and Appeals
  • Contracts of employment and settlement agreements
  • Ad-hoc advice and Guidance
  • Mediation
  • Appeals
  • Site visits
How do we charge?

We charge in units of 10 minutes with a minimum charge of 1 unit. This is charged monthly and in arrears. Our monthly invoice provides a detailed breakdown of all charges made.

Any site visits will be charged at the hourly rate and incur a mileage charge over 30 miles. Whilst this option may prove more expensive if used on a regular basis, it does offer maximum flexibility without any ongoing commitment and works well for many of our clients.

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