How to Host an Epic Virtual Christmas Party

19th November 2020

2020 has certainly been a challenging year, we won’t mention the C word… because the other C word is in town – Christmas! We all need some festivity, merriment, and joy, now more than ever. Your team needs a celebration to help boost morale and it’s well deserved for everyone. Below are some ideas on how you can host an epic virtual Christmas party.

A Virtual Team Quiz Night

 2020 will forever be remembered as the year of Zoom quiz nights! Many have experienced this with family and friends, now is a great time to throw a work Christmas themed quiz.

Make all of your questions Christmas / 2020 related, such as which country invented the Christmas tree? You could even throw in a prize, such as a bottle of the bubbly or a cheese hamper for the winning team member, or team and send this out in the post.

If you have a small team, then you will find just doing it in the main room of Zoom fine, however if you have a big team, you could split it up into 6 members in each room with a facilitator in each. You can report the scores on the doors when you back at the end. But remember – no cheating!

A cook-along

This is such a fun idea and will really be a unique way of throwing a festive Christmas virtual party. You can host a cook-along, or if your team prefer a cheeky tipple – a cocktail making class. Think about whether you’d prefer to bake a savoury dish, bake a cake or create some festive drinks. You could then find some great recipes to try and get your team to join in alongside you on Zoom.

At the end everyone can show their creations! To do this you would need to send out an ingredient list before hand, or even send ingredients out to your team. There are some fantastic companies out there that help you to host this as well, so it’s worth looking into for a Christmas party to remember – even from afar!

A craft evening

 Similar to the above, you can host a virtual Christmas party where everyone is getting crafty and making something festive. A great idea would be to make a Christmas wreath, or a floral display for a Christmas dinner table.

Again, there are companies out there which can help host something like this. If you don’t wish to outsource this, then consider whether you buy the craft supplies for your team, or whether again, you could send out a list beforehand. By giving your team something practical to make, they won’t feel bored sat staring down the webcam lens and will have accomplished something afterwards. This really does make for an epic virtual Christmas party.

Christmas Party with Added Photo Challenge

 This one may be simple but is sure to be a morale boosting Christmas party idea. Consider sending out mini hampers to your team containing some nibbles and drink, get everyone dressed up, play some Christmas music and have a Zoom party. You can set up breakout rooms, so that everyone gets to mingle too, especially if your team don’t have the chance to speak much with their home working set up.

Why not make the Christmas party interesting and challenge each breakout room to take certain photos? Set a task such as ‘Photo with the most Christmas props’, or ‘Get everyone in a specific funny pose’ and when the breakout rooms end, you can compare who has taken the best picture from each round. This will help break the ice, and will be fun to join in. 

Christmas BINGO

 Who doesn’t love BINGO? You can make it Christmas themed or just generic. Prepare sheets for the team members and send to them beforehand. You would then need to print a sheet yourself and cut out the squares, have a hat or container ready to pluck the squares out and announce what you have.

This is a low-fuss game that you can combine with any of the other ideas above. BINGO doesn’t have to be expensive, but you can consider offering the winner a little prize.

Go the extra mile for an epic virtual Christmas party

 Want to do something completely unique? Look into hosting a ‘Murder Mystery’ or ‘Escape Room’ themed evening. Come up with a story line and prepare clues and challenges to your teams via email.

Set your teams up into breakout rooms and use the announcement facility to send the next clues and directions to the breakout rooms. When a team has successfully completed the narrative and solved the mystery – or broken out of the room they can return to the main room, check they have the answers right and claim their prize!

This will give your team the opportunity to work together to solve problems and work together in new and interesting ways.

Don’t cancel the festivities!

 This year has been really challenging for us all, so don’t cancel the festivities. Give your team a night to remember – well deserved and full of Christmas cheer and joy. We hope that these ideas have helped you think about the type of Christmas party you could host, but whatever you choose it certainly will be a memorable, much needed ending to this unusual year.

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