Don’t Get Hot Under the Collar Over Competing Holiday!

19th June 2017

Summer has most definitely arrived, the kids will soon be on their summer holidays and many people will soon be enjoying staycations or holidays abroad. For business owners, however, an influx of holiday requests is inevitably on the horizon.

When the British weather takes a turn for the good, it’s natural for your employees to seek time out to hit the beaches and soak up some all too rare rays. However, what should you do to avoid being caught short staffed during the busy summer season?

Be Fair, and importantly consistent!

Your employees holiday entitlement will be set out in their contracts of employment. The statutory minimum is 5.6 weeks, which can include bank and public holidays.

Throughout the year it is best to implement a first come, first serve basis for holiday requests. This is the most common method to ensure that your employees feel that they are being treated fairly, should their holiday requests clash. Encourage them to book their holidays as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and make sure you include your own. I also advise you to provide a clear written holiday policy. By giving everyone an equal opportunity to book their holiday, you can maintain a happy and cohesive team.

Summer Requests                                                                                                    

During the summer, businesses can face multiple requests for holidays in a short period. For retail and leisure businesses, in popular holiday resorts (take Bournemouth for example), accommodating these can be quite difficult at a time when having a full team is most important.

You must make it clear to all your employees that they should provide prior notice at least twice as long as the amount of holiday they want to take off. During busy periods, as an employer, you also have the right to refuse requests in the light of your business needs.

To accommodate summer holiday requests and equally protect your profits, having the proper organisational system in place, is essential. It will allow you to effectively deal with multiple requests and avoid disgruntled employees.

Managing Your Team Effectively

Offering a solution, we utilise a modern self-service HR system, that allows your employees to request holiday and seek key information about their employment.

Alongside this system, we keep all your time-off requests in one place and give your senior management team access to all the information. Offering our expert advice along the way, the platform will help you to effectively manage all holiday requests and avoid dissatisfied employees.

If you would like to speak to one of our HR experts we’re always available to answer the phone or email. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more exceptional weather summer this year!

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