6 Tips on How Employers Can Boost Morale in The Workplace

20th August 2020

“Morale and attitude are fundamentals to success.”

Bud Wilkinson

Let’s face it – there has been a lot of changes within the workplace lately. The pandemic has created waves of uncertainty for many businesses and their employees and although we are all weathering the same storm, we aren’t all in the same boat.

Factory workers with high morale to fight the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 .

Every team is different, and even within the team circumstances may vary. Some will be continuing to work from home, others are back in the workplace any many of your team may still be furloughed under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. This environment can create miscommunication, disconnect and even resentment. It’s no wonder that morale is low right now.

So, if you are looking for ways to maintain a cohesive team and boost morale, try some of the suggestions and tips below.

Take time to listen

This may seem like a no-brainer, but often what employees need is a listening ear. They need someone to voice their concerns and uncertainty to without the fear of being judged. If they are listened to, they will feel more valued and that their feelings matter. This will help to reassure them that they are part of the team and whether they’d held the fort over the last few months or playing the waiting game at home.

Offer praise often

There is nothing that gives you a bigger boost than being told you’re doing a great job. This doesn’t need to be overdone but recognising when an employee has done a great job, praising and thanking them for that will go a long way.

Employees hate being taken for granted and love to get noticed by their supervisors and management. This will especially be the case for staff who have had to adapt the way they work to help you keep the business moving.

Include employees when it comes to brainstorming

Whether you’re ‘pivoting’, ‘adapting’ or ‘diversifying’, why not get the whole team involved? You could even jump on Zoom to include any team members that may still be working from home. They will then feel included in the decision-making process, enabling them to feel invested in helping the business to succeed on the back of their ideas.

A great leader will take some direction from their employees and learn from their unique perspective – you are giving them a chance to flex their creative muscles too! If you hear some great ideas, make sure you follow through and turn them into a reality and credit those that brough the idea to the table.

Flexible working patterns

You may find that employees are still currently struggling to come to terms with this new way of working and living. Those with children will particularly be finding things more difficult as childcare has been harder to sort lately. Why not embrace flexible working patterns? You’ll find that employees are less likely to reach burnout, and when they are working will feel more boosted for doing so.

Plan some morale boosting fun activities

Team building sometimes seen as a gimmick that some people take part in begrudgingly. However, if you can inspire people in with something you know they would enjoy, you will find that by spending time in each other’s company outside of the work environment, employees are able to work better and more cohesively together. If staff are currently pushed for time, why not host a Zoom quiz one afternoon or evening? Why not a quick game of BINGO? All it requires is 20 or so minutes at the end of the working day, and you could even throw in a prize like a gift hamper or vouchers.

Think outside the box here, you know your own team and what they enjoy, or if you don’t then get to know them and find out what they’d really enjoy doing to boost their morale and get them more comfortable and relaxed in the workplace and with those around them.

Give your employees some incentives

Again, whether that’s a voucher, or a paid day off, incentives can give your employees that boost to meet targets. A tangible reward can drive motivations for many but do be conscious not everyone values material incentive. You could even ask what they’d like to see as a potential reward. Keeping your employees in the loop will also go a long way, as they know their opinions and needs are being heard.

Times are strange for everyone right now, and we certainly aren’t getting back to ‘normal’ any time soon. However, if you keep communications open with your employees, praise them, be patient when it comes to flexible working and introduce some fun into the mix, you will be on your way to a more cohesive, happy team that strives to succeed for themselves and for the company.

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