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Sometimes all you need is an approachable HR expert that you can call or email when you have an HR problem or need some personnel advice. For an affordable monthly fee Purple HR will provide you with invaluable help and advice covering a range of common HR issues including

  • Reviewing and advising on HR related documentation and correspondence
  • Access to our toolkit of useful HR Resources
  • Face to face visits at our office in Poole (Site visits not included in this package)
  • Free attendance at any of our HR workshops
  • Our regular newsletter to keep you up to date with relevant HR topics and legislation

The Purple Sounding Board

We’ve developed the Sounding Board especially for HR Practitioners, as we know only too well that it can be a lonely place when you work in HR! Everyone expects you to have all the answers all the time, but from time to time situations pop up that leave you scratching your head and not entirely sure which way to go.

Quite often, all you need is to be able to talk it through with someone who really understands what its like to be in that position and can offer a friendly, expert ear to listen and be a sounding board for you to work through your ideas and strategies – often its simply about getting some confirmation that you’re on the right track! But it’s good to have someone to share it with and get a little confidence boost and also a quick sense check on any legal minefields.

HR Manager’s Sounding Board is a low-cost but effective support service, that offers peace of mind and reassurance that you really don’t have to be alone

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Purple Adviceline

Purple’s Adviceline works well for busy owners and HR Practitioners who are looking to have a quick and responsive source of HR & Employment Law advice when dealing with the endless scenarios that employees present us with every day. There’s no limit to how much you can call or email – we are very well qualified both in terms of many, many years’ hands on experience as well as holding Advanced Diplomas in Employment Law, so we know our stuff and we often joke that we could probably write a best-seller when it comes to all the different HR situations we have dealt with over the years!

Purple Adviceline works on a fixed monthly fee, depending on the size of the business – simple!

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